The Benefits of Baby Massage

The Benefits of Baby Massage

Baby Massage Training

If you are looking for a rewarding and varied career where you are truly helping people in a (literally!) hands-on way, then massage therapy could be a great choice for you.

There are many routes you can choose when you decide to undertake massage therapy training. One of the avenues you may take is as a baby massage therapist. This means that you will be able to teach classes to parents who want to learn how to massage their babies.

Have you already taken one of our massage therapy courses and become a trained body massage therapist? Then baby massage could be a great skill set to expand into.

But what is baby massage? And what are the benefits? Read on to discover more about this wonderful skill.

Baby Massage Helps with digestive issues

Massage for babies can help them with such issues as gas, colic, cramps and constipation. As any parent will tell you, digestive problems can be a leading cause of their babies being unhappy, so being able to ease the discomfort caused by these complaints is a great skill.

Supports healthy circulation

Massaging babies with gentle, rhythmic movements can help to improve their circulation. This helps them to be more comfortable as the pressure that you create through massage prevents congestion in the body.

May help with sleep

The time and attention given to babies during a massage is a great way to calm them down and reduce their fussiness overall. There is some anecdotal evidence that it may support growth.

However, one of the best benefits – just like with massaging adults – is that it can create a sense of calm which helps with a healthy sleep pattern. Skin to skin contact can help this even further.

We won’t lie, this is absolutely one of the top benefits as far as many parents are concerned.

Can ease teething pain

Teething is a spectacularly difficult time for any parent, and we cannot help but feel sorry for babies suffering from it. But baby massage has been shown to ease teething pain in infants, which is an amazing plus point for all parents, and their little ones, too.


By teaching parents how to massage their babies, you are providing them with the opportunity to create a stronger bond at a crucial time. As well as giving them practical skills to make their babies more comfortable and happy, you are also giving them time to be calm and connected with their new arrival. This is truly a gift for so many parents.

Benefits for you

Baby massage can be incredibly rewarding for you as part of your career as a massage therapist. You can really help parents by teaching them how to help their babies while expanding your client base.

Train with us

Are you excited about the prospect of providing your clients with a top tier baby massage experience? When you train with us, you can expect to learn everything you need to know about it.

All you need is to be trained in body massage and you can learn about everything from the physiology of babies to the massage strokes you will need to know, and even the marketing and advertising skills you want to create an incredible business. You will also find out how to plan great lessons to keep your clients happy, engaged and coming back for more!

As you can see, there are so many amazing benefits of massage for babies – and it could be a fantastic skill to add to your massage therapy toolkit. Whether you decide to undertake massage therapy training or beauty therapy training, there is a great course for you.

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