Getting to know aromatherapy massage

Getting to know aromatherapy massage

aromatherapy massage

There are lots of different massage types out there – and it can be difficult to know which one will help you the most. Every person is different and everyone needs something a little different from their massage. So we’re going to talk about aromatherapy massage – a massage type that incorporates the complementary therapy of aromatherapy into its practice.

What is an aromatherapy massage?

Aromatherapy massage is based on the techniques of Swedish massage and uses scented massage oils and essential oils to help stimulate the body and mind. The smell of each individual oil will have individual purposes – whether that be for relaxation, for a boost in energy or even helping to ease congestion in the body.

This kind of massage is perfect for individuals looking to unwind with aromatherapy – especially those who want a light, calming massage rather than a more intense one. As is common with Swedish massage, aromatherapy massage tends to target places where we carry a lot of our stress, including the neck, back, shoulders and along the legs and arms. During the massage, you’ll not only benefit from the scent of these essential oils, but your body will absorb them too, leaving you feeling healed and renewed.

What can I expect from an aromatherapy massage?

An aromatherapy massage can last anywhere from half an hour to eighty minutes, depending on what kind you’ve booked.

Before the massage begins, you’ll have a conversation with your massage therapist about any particular issues you might be experiencing and where you would like them to focus their attention. Generally, the essential oils used in your massage will be tailored specifically to help you and this consultation will help the therapist understand best what you need.

It’s worth letting the therapist know at this point if there are any scents you don’t particularly like or if you’re sensitive/allergic to something so they know what oils to avoid.

You might have a very specific idea of what kind of oils and massage you’d like, or you might not. Chatting with the therapist can help them decode what you need. You’ll then get settled and the massage will begin. There might be music playing and the therapist might talk to you occasionally during the process.

What are the benefits of aromatherapy massage?

The science is still out as to whether there are tangible benefits of aromatherapy massage on our internal health. However, there are benefits to the practice.

As a holistic practice, aromatherapy can help foster feelings of calm and relaxation in the body, decreasing your stress levels. Massage in general helps the body to release tension it’s been holding and foster a general feeling of being at ease.

Some more specific benefits of aromatherapy massage can include:

  • Reducing feelings of anxiety and worry
  • Decreasing general muscle tension and aches
  • Easing pain from other conditions by allowing the muscles to relax, including PMS, lower back pain and arthritis.
  • Encourage feelings of sleepiness that could help ease insomnia or sleeplessness in some people
  • Can help to reduce inflammation of the skin and body
  • Relief from joint pain
  • Relief from headaches – particularly tension headaches
  • Improving general circulation around the body

Aromatherapy massage can also bring many other benefits to individuals who undertake it, from pain relief to improved circulation.

We offer aromatherapy massages from 25 minutes to 80 minutes long from our team of trained therapists who can help you relax, unwind and recharge during your session. For more information – or to book a session – contact our team today.

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